Show Review: Orientation LA

Flosstradamus, AraabMUZIK (MVP of the MPC), gLAdiator and Congorock were the talented components who made up the hard-hitting show known as Orientation LA. The electronic/trap/nu-trap interactive show at Club Nokia was held on Wednesday, February 27th. Lots of mashups and trap remixes got the crowd going, and the party didn't stop until 2:30 a.m., thus setting the standard for Wednesday-night raging.

The venue was convenient, especially for USC students who live on or near campus, and it was large enough to hold a big crowd without overcrowding yet still have an intimate club feel that was perfect for a show like this. The emcees and hype men, along with the lights and smoke effects, added to the entire experience.
Although the sets were on-schedule, the soundchecks and set-ups in between sets took painstakingly long and led to a fluctuation of energy in the crowd. Still, each artist, once onstage, brought the crowd back to life. Additionally, whenever AraabMUZIK plays, I feel that it would enhance the experience to have a live feed somewhere in the arena, such as on one of the screens behind him, to show his lightning-quick fingers tapping away on the MPC to create those electronic masterpieces. They don't call him the MVP of the MPC for nothing, so let's do the man some justice and showcase his crazy talents!

The DJ's each brought their own styles that made the crowd go crazy to the point of the entire front of the crowd becoming one giant mosh pit. Although it was fun at first, towards the end of the final set we needed a breather and headed to the back, which was just as fun because there was more room to dance! When the Hoodie Boyz, aka. Flosstradamus, dropped a remix of Benassi's "Satisfaction," the club went wild one last time before the night ended.

After the show, it really felt like a Saturday night, except the next day was really Thursday. Still, before finally going to bed, I had to share some photos of our epic night with my friends... and before I knew it,@flosstradamus and @joshtradamus (one half of the legendary duo) already "liked" my Instagram photos from the event! My photos ended up being featured on Orientation LA's Facebook page, which only added to my entire experience... for me and hundreds of others, it was indeed a Wednesday night for the books!


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