KXSC Fest Presents: Nguzunguzu

We had been walking for what felt like hours. The blistering Texas sun was starting to make its way right through my button-down and the clock was ticking on my Lone Star buzz. We had to seek refuge- FAST- before the afternoon hangover made us all its bitch. Suddenly, a shout: "A/C! A/C down here, everybody!" We shuffled our way into a basement on 6th Street: a nightclub called Barcelona that looked more like a traphouse in Brooklyn than a city in Spain. But it was air conditioned and they had a cheap bar, so it seemed we were in it for the long haul...  I was so caught up in preventing an eminent heat stroke I hadn't even noticed the coy young duo behind the DJ booth. They were KILLING it. A co-ed tagteam unrecognizable to my eyes, hotmixing tracks like titans of the CDJ. I was enthralled. It was the first time I had ever witnessed a 'back-to-back' (b2b) DJ set and the first time I had ever seen Nguzunguzu.


Their sets are powerful and a bit intimidating but they make it look effortless. From deep drippy bass to smoked-out hip hop beats, they bring a dark, psychedelic element to every show they turn up to. I've gotta say, what really makes these guys (or, guy + gal) special, is their collaborative process. Blending each other's selections with the greatest of ease, and maintaining a constant flow as if they were just one DJ split between two bodies. As staples of local club night Fade To Mind, they consistently bring the party. Teaming up with booty bass masters like Kingdom and Total Freedom, FTM parties are a must if you fancy yourself a lover of electronic music.


If you haven't acquainted yourself with the wonders of Nguzunguzu, I highly suggest you make it out this Saturday to catch their set. I will never forget that scorching afternoon in Austin, and I just can't wait to see Nguzunguzu transform the Ballroom into a sweaty basement once again.

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-Jen Ferrer, Electronica, Naive Melody

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