KXSC Fest Presents: Knower (Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi)


Previously known as Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi, Knower's early work stems from within the "video-song" format pioneered by YouTube sensation Pomplamoose, with whom Louis and Genevieve have collaborated. In this format over the course of the piece all instruments seen are heard at some point and everything heard is seen at some point. Quickly though, they pushed the boundaries of this medium, synthesizing elements of filmed instrument tracking with other video into unique and stunning creations.

The fact that this duo has used YouTube extensively as a means of releasing work, has resulted in the fact that, while an average USC student may not be familiar with them yet, they have diehard fans across the globe. KXSC Fest will be their first live performance after recently being hosted at musig-im-ogsen in Switzerland and Brooklyn's ShapeShifter Lab.

It's the confluence of the rhythmic intricacies in Louis' superhuman drumming, ear-catching harmonic movement, wonderfully catchy melodies, and trippy visuals all fused together seamlessly into a singular artistic entity that put Knower in a class of their own.  So if you catch their set at Fest, be prepared to have your mind blown and your booty shaken.








-Michael Fishman, Jazz,

Spontaneous Music Programming

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