KXSC Fest Vendor: Ludo Truck

What is the Chef of the Future, as touted by Time Magazine, doing on a food truck? Serving up cutting-edge, gastronomically pleasing fried chicken on the Ludo Truck, that's what.

Image via ludotruck.com

Imagine this: while listening to any one of the amazing bands at KXSC Fest, you bite into a Honey Lavender Biscuit to complement the crisp, juicy and equally aromatic buttermilk fried chicken, which is infused with rosemary and Herbes de Provence. Good music and good food, all at once. Can life get much better than this?

Image via ludotruck.com

You can wash down the deep-fried goodness with a Basil Blood Orange drink, for instance, or choose the chicken breast strips for a portable meal suitable for dancing and munching at the same time. They come with an array of sauces to choose from, while the Honey Garlic-Glazed Wings offer an alternative to the fried chicken options. Award-winning Chef Ludo Lefebvre has years of experience at multiple Michelin 3-star rated restaurants, and has been featured on many TV shows including Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef America, and The Taste. His concept of bringing his higher-end cuisine to the streets of L.A. has been met with great enthusiasm from crowds lining up for a taste. The Ludo Truck's fried chicken has also been listed as one of "99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die" by Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic, Jonathan Gold.

-Tanaya Ghosh, KXSC Intern
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