KXSC Fest Presents: The Dead Ships

The Dead Ships duo enthralled their observers with their punchy blend of garage-esque rock and blues-tinged sound during KXSC’s residency at Space 15 Twenty back in 2011.

Now a trio, The Dead Ships has been quickly trickling into the L.A. music scene and “Best of” lists. And with a recent month-long stint at The Echo, a packed schedule of performances at this year’s SXSW, Performing on The Live Show on KXSC, and a song once featured on the critically acclaimed anthropological show, “The Jersey Shore,” under their burgeoning belt, it looks like they’re here to stay for a little while.


There’s something nostalgic about the tunes that these Echo Park locals create, encompassing everything from head-banging anthems to more soulful, down-tempo tracks with catchy-as-hell hooks to rival acts who have been in this game much longer than them. There's also something about their music that encourages libation-induced sing-a-longs.

If this Echo Park trio is not on your radar, rest assured that after KXSC Fest this year, they will be.

The Dead Ships at The Live Show on KXSC

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 -Candice Aman, The Live Show

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