Kavinsky Outruns Los Angeles

Many people know who Kavinsky is because of his signature tune “Nightcall” which was featured in the 2011 film Drive. For me however, the story first began on July 4, 2007 when I spent America’s Independence Day in Amsterdam watching him open up for Daft Punk at Heineken Music Hall with SebastiAn. Fans of The View From Nowhere might also recall we did an interview with the mysterious man himself in 2010.

This past month saw the release of Kavinky’s long awaited first LP, “Outrun,” an album that demonstrates the depth of Kavinsky as an artist across multiple genres, moods and soundscapes. To celebrate the release of Outrun in the US, Kavinsky’s Los Angeles fans were treated to a truly special evening in his only west coast performance during his current tour.

The organizers of this evening, “

Cheesecake Presents

” and “

Production Club

” selected the ideal venue for the experience, Lot 613, located just one block from the famous Los Angeles 6th Street Bridge. The same bridge used in the opening sequence of Drive (and countless other films) provided the perfect backdrop for a night of music and intrigue. Driving across that empty bridge at night and entering the venue which showcased a replica Ferrari Testarossa truly blurred the line between fiction and reality. Suddenly, we were all now part of a chapter in the Kavinsky storyline.

The night was supported with DJ sets by Oliver (remix masters extraordinaire), Riton (one half of Carte Blance with the late great DJ Mehdi, responsible for this tune) and Destructo (entertainment mogul, founder of HARD with hits to his own name). The night attracted the likes of artists like Franki Chan, Skrillex, Brodinski and several other ‘notable’ heavyweights.

Kavinsky’s set was most enjoyable. Though it’s difficult knowing Kavinsky doesn’t necessarily make music for DJs, he still managed to play many songs from his album which translated well to an energetic crowd cheering the entire ride. My favorite moment was Kavinsky surprised me by played Thomas Bangalter’s, “Outrun,” a song that served both as a “tip of the hat” to his album title, and also as an homage to a classic record made by the legendary one half of Daft Punk. 

Following the evening, this reviewer was inspired, ignoring the album’s warnings and ventured out onto that treacherous road.

There really is no turning back.

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Big Thanks to Locotorp Photography, Caesar Sebastian, MFG Productions and Glenjamn

-Ahmar, View From Nowhere

 “The View From Nowhere” is a weekly show hosted by DJ Ahmar airing on KXSC Radio in Los Angeles

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