KXSC Fest Vendor: Origami Vinyl

Origami Vinyl, located in Echo Park, first opened its doors almost four years ago on April 3, 2009. Origami specializes in vinyl recordings, and sells new releases from high-profile indie artists as well as 7-inch singles from lesser know artists. In addition to this, there is whole section in the shop dedicated to music from Los Angeles artists.


The store has a vinyl-only sound system, vintage speakers, and the owner and employees write blurbs for every single record in the store, about 3000 records.

Origami Vinyl also publishes limited-run quarterly zines, and recently featured KXSC!

We ❤ Origami Vinyl!

Mathematical! (image from laist.com)

Origami Vinyl also puts on free shows nearly every week. Past artists have included FIDLAR, Local Natives, Father John Misty, and Wavves.

Finally, as if Origami Vinyl wasn’t cool enough, they had artist Andy Ristaino, a lead animator for Adventure Time, paint a mural on one of their walls. 

Make sure to check out their booth at KXSC Fest!

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-Paige Schwimer, Publications, Nothing in Particular

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