KXSC Fest Vendor: Last Bookstore

Last Bookstore first began at a downtown Los Angeles loft in 2005. The idea started when owner Josh Spencer decided to stop his eBay business and start selling books. In December 2009 a small location in the Old Bank District on 4th and Main opened up and Last Bookstore became available to the public.

Image via thetravelguide.com

As one of the last places in Los Angeles still buying used books, the inventory filled up quickly. At the end of their lease in 2011 the shop moved to a 10,000 square foot location on 5th and Spring St and added a record shop and coffee bar within the store. A recent 6,100 square foot expansion currently holds the Labyrinth Above the Last Book Store with over 100,000 $1 books.

The Labyrinth

Image via latimes.com

Last Bookstore is now the largest independent bookstore in California and was named 2012's Best Bookstore In Downtown by both LA Weekly and The Downtown News.

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-Paige Schwimer, Publications, Nothing in Particular

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