Show Review: UZ

After dealing with massive will-call and security lines, I entered Club Nokia to check out UZ with 12th Planet, French Fries, and Jerome LOL. Unfortunately, because of the delays in line, I missed Jerome's set but I arrived in time to see French Fries.


French Fries began his set with low-energy house-influenced beats, and it was obvious that the crowd (comprised mostly of trap fans) were not really feeling his set. Towards the end of the set, he dropped the acappella of Waka Flocka Flame's "F*ck the Club Up," and the crowd instantly went wild. For about ten minutes, French Fries had the crowd dancing, and ended his set with an un-remixed version of Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything." While the crowd seemed to enjoy the popular hip-hop track, I thought it odd and a bit lazy that French Fries would end his set with a straight version of a popular song without even attempting to remix or add his own flair to the track.


12th Planet took the stage next, bringing an energy and talent that was quite impressive. He played Salva's "Drop That B" early in his set, as well as multiple tracks by DJ Carnage. He made sure to give shoutouts to Salva and Carnage throughout his set, which I always like to hear. 12th Planet gradually moved from trap beats to dubsteppy synths toward the end of his set, building the crowd's energy along with the intensity and volume of synths.

12th Planet

Before UZ took the stage, the Club Nokia television screens played the Red Bull Studios mini-documentary of the recording of his recent EP, Balltrap Muzik Vol.1, giving a little background on the mysterious masked trap producer, UZ. UZ then took the stage wearing his trademark "F*CK" flatbrim hat, bandana, and gold mask. About two songs into the set, rapper Casey Veggies joined UZ on stage to perform his song from Balltrap Muzik. The crowd loved the surprise appearance, and Casey Veggies enjoyed a very warm response. UZ carried this momentum throughout his set, playing tracks from his recent EP as well as older songs. He definitely deserves his reputation as one of the best up-and-coming producers in the trap music scene, and played a very energetic and enjoyable show at Club Nokia this past Thursday.

-Drew, Barbershop Roulette

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