Show Review: Pentatonix

Pentatonix is a simply incredible vocal band (Not strictly a cappella!). You may have seen them on Youtube, or perhaps you knowthem from NBC's show The Sing-Off—which they won, and rightly so. Sure, they look and sound fantastic on-screen... But I can now assure you from personal experience: You haven't really experienced Pentatonix until you've heard them live.

Every song was amazing; energy was high the entire time, their cover of Imogen Heap's "Aha!" was hauntingly beautiful, and Kevin Olusola's "cello beatboxing" was so fun to watch. They also did a great 90s medley, as well as some original songs. 

There was one particularly beautiful moment when the group invited us, the audience, to participate in this concert with them. They gave ea chsection of the crowd a unique part to sing—the harmony actually sounded great because the whole place was filled with choir nerds.

My overall impression of Pentatonix: nice people, amazing musicians. I freaking loved this concert.

PS: Muchos gracias for the tickets, KXSC Radio!



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