Show Review: Niki and the Dove

I had the pleasure of attending Niki and the Dove's performance at the El Rey, and it was something.  I'm not sure entirely what I was watching, but I was there and something was happening.  Malin and Gustaf took the stage, wearing light up rings and what seems to be whatever Malin could find that resembled clothing, and began their set.  They started to play music.  They played some of the hits.  They played some experimental stuff.  I might have gotten into it, I don't know.  Malin absorbed the music and let her body move on its own.  It was something.

All in all, it was an entertaining set.  Gustaf did a great job covering all of the music himself as Malin sang.  They are definitely a talented duo.  They showed up, did stuff on stage, and I enjoyed it.


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