DJ of the New Moon: DJ Irias of Sonic Shamanism



DJ Irias, the Sonic Shaman himself, oversees the transition from Monday to Tuesday with a potent blend of house, folk, reggae, hip-hop, and whatever else may mesh with the evening's potpourri. No genre, style, or era is off-limits for the Shaman; he'll use whatever tools he needs to evoke the strongest images and emotions that tie into the night's theme. Past subject matter has included "Deep Space", "Insomnia", and "EVERYTHING IS ALIVE". The best part is that this dude is mixing all of his disparate elements together on the fly, creating a seamless blend of spiritual healing and ecstasy for the night owls. 

DJ Irias has represented KXSC at The Central SAPC, warming up a STRFKR DJ set with a set of loungey grooves. He also employs visual art from friend Kimberly Morris, works on KXSC staff as a recording engineer, and uploads each and every show to his personal Mixcloud


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