Show Review: Jim Jefferies

Vulgar and irreverent—Jim Jefferies delivers as expected.

Club Nokia at LA Live was the intimate venue that hosted Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies. I like this little place, because even when you have tickets all the way in the back, which is con- veniently close to the bar, you don’t feel so far away as to not actually be in the room.

Fresh from the debut of his new Comedy Central series, Legit, Jim was quick to remind us why we like him—no bull, right to the point. Attacking current events and throwing the truth right where no one really wants it—into the daylight, the evening was filled with humorous ramblings about gun control, raising a child (as Jim has newly joined the ranks of fatherhood), and some very frank discussion about penile cancer (of which Jim is a survivor).

 As the night continued, with the bar just behind us, several patrons were having a very good time. Jim, who has been known for his constant drinking during some of his performances, stuck with water tonight. Whether an acknowledgement of his cancer recovery or new responsibilities to his son, it was not clear. Even so, when challenged by at least one member of the audience who thought he could heckle Mr. Jefferies, Jim responded as good comedians do, with a good old verbal beat down. It was all in good fun, as evidenced by Jim’s choice to sit on the edge of the stage and make it a friendly, yet thorough, beat down.

I was most impressed with Jim’s decision to share with all of us that he had, when younger and poorer, been a character extra in a British pornographic film. Not necessarily a big deal, but most entertaining to have Jim explain why he felt all movies should end with the money shot that is traditional in pornographic films. While I love my classics and do not think that Star Wars (4, 5 and 6 at least) should not be touched, I couldn’t help let out a hearty laugh at the thought of many movies I have had to endure that might have redeemed themselves with a good old money shot.

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--Mark, STDS

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