Show Review: Woodkid

About four-hundred people gathered at the Fonda Theater this Friday to see France's music-video-director-turned-singer Woodkid perform on the last stop of his US tour.

Early arrivers were treated to an opening performance by Thomas Azier, a Berlin-based artist with an incredibly powerful voice. Truly a one-man show, Azier looped and created many of his tracks right on the spot, adding the freeform intensity with which he performs. I've never seen someone with medium-length hair do more headbanging than Mr. Azier that night. The talent is definitely there and I wouldn't be surprised to see Azier as a featured vocal on the next big EDM hit.


By the end of Azier's set, the masses were chanting for Woodkid in at least six different languages (it's safe to say Woodkid's fanbase is international). When he finally stepped onto the stage, it became clear this would also be a cinematic experience. A giant projector bombarded the audience with images of CGI-rendered temples, oceans and ornate structures to accompany Woodkid's movie soundtrack style of music.


Woodkid (imagine Merry from The Lord of the Rings wearing James Harden's beard) was dwarfed by the size of the venue he created, as well as the many live performers behind him. Over a half-dozen band members, including some exceptional drummers, helped add to the epic nature of the event. Each song plays out like a story, which Woodkid's textured vocals and passion give a certain gravitas to. Songs ranged from popular hits, like "Iron", to several brand-new songs from his upcoming album. These newer songs ventured into EDM territory and had the entire crowd moving. 


Overall, Woodkid plays a unique show with a huge range of songs; some that people can dance to and others that make an entire theater stop and listen. It's a delicate line to walk, but anyone interested in a new musical experience should give seeing Woodkid live a try.

-DJ Samiam, Green Eggs and Sam


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