KXSC's Fall Fundraiser!

We're kicking off Friday November 8 at our Bring Your Own Vinyl, Spectrum Show, and will end with a Tailgate! In addition to a ton of rad events, we're having 24 hour LIVE programming throughout the week. We'll be doing on air giveaways as well so make sure to tune in on our pop-up player or Tune In app on your smartphone! Make sure to check our site when it all begins on Friday for info on donating and how to get involved!


24 Hour LIVE Programming

Sleep is for this week, or is the saying sleep is for the weak. Regardless, your KXSC DJs are strong, and dedicated to providing you with quality music at all hours of the day and night. We've been trying to save up our sleep so next week we don't have to. Tune in at any hour from the start of our Spectrum show Friday night on November 8 all the way through November 15 at KXSC.org/listen for what's basically a weird, week-long station sleepover. Keep checking our blog for updates on 24 Hour Live programming specials!



KXSC & USC Spectrum Present: BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl)

In case you were wondering, it's pronounced bee-yov. We’re switching it up and switching the set up. Instead of having a live band, we’re bringing in some very special DJs to spin your vinyl. That’s right, you get to curate your own soundtrack for the evening. Come down to Tommy’s Place with your most prized records and watch the DJs work their magic to create an eclectic collection of sounds that will leave you wildly enchanted.


Where: Tommy's Place

When: Friday, November 8 at 8pm


KXSC & USC Spectrum Present: Baby Fleas and The So So Glos

Two Spectrum Shows in a month!? The music gods must be smiling on us, because The So So Glos are coming all the way from Brooklyn to play at USC. Come on down to Tommy's Place for some sweet sweet lovin' from LA band Baby Fleas, followed by punk rock from talented Brooklyn brothers band The So So Glos,


Where: Tommy's Place

When: Thursday, November 14 at 8:30pm


Annual KXSC/KSCR Homecoming Mixer

Come mingle with KXSC/KSCRers past and present at our annual mixer before Saturday's big game. Swap stories about our revolutionary roots, update us on where life has taken you, tell us about your relationship with the Robot, and hear what we've been up to lately around the station.


Where: The Lab

When: Friday, November 15 at 8pm

How much? Recommended of $25, which includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and an hors d'oeuvres buffet (There is a bar and it's fantastic, we promise).

Please RSVP to Sam Couch at content@kxsc.org by Wednesday, November 6th to reserve your spot at this year's mixer. Feel free to pass this invite along to any and all KXSC/KSCR alumni who didn't make their way onto our list. We hope to see you there!


KXSC Sample Showcase

Many of the most popular and influential hip-hop songs of all time were produced by sampling jazz. Many of these jazz songs remain somewhat obscure. On November 15th, we're going to shine a light on these unsung heros. The jazz and hip-hop departments of KXSC have collaborated to put together the first ever KXSC Sample Showcase to shine a light on the songs that made the hip-hop beats we all know and love featuring panelists from the Thorton School of Music and KXSC's own DJ's.

Where: Ground Zero

When: Friday, November 15 at 9pm


Find us at USC's Homecoming Tailgate!

The time has come for this thing called Homecoming and I am not quite sure that that means in reality - but it has to do with Trojan Pride I think and possibly football and maybe alcohol.

We're setting up some music and a tent and come one come all friend and foe of the radio station and let's fight on really hard.

Question: What's a Tailgate and how do I Fight On?

Where: TBA

When: Saturday, November 16 Time TBA

RSVP on our Facebook event for updates!


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