Show Review: Polica

polica pic.jpg

Although the night started off a little rough with experimental-punk rock-screamo band named Marijuana Deathsquads, Polica brought an entire different energy to the venue. Led by their female vocalist, Channy Leaneagh, a surprisingly soft spoken and gentle woman, Polica succeeded in putting the crowd in a trance for the entirety of their set. The enhanced echoing and distortion of Leaneagh’s beautiful voice in combination with a skilled bassist-back up singer and lastly two drummers, a rarity to see, created a tantalizing and enthralling performance. Polica played all the hits, almost equally split between their new LP Shulamith, released earlier this year, and Give You The Ghost, their debut album from 2011.

polica pic 2.jpg

The entire set was sensational, but Polica’s talent really shown through on “Amongster” and their single from Shulamith, “Tiff”. Although these two songs are quite different, “Amongster”, from the first album, and therefore keeping a more heavy rock feel, while “Tiff” accentuated the electronic and heavy bass beauty of their newest album, these were by far two of the most outstanding songs of the night, keeping the crowd’s heads bobbing to the beat.

polica pic 3.jpg

Overall, I have immeasurably happy with the show last Wednesday. Never having seen Polica before, I will certainly be back to witness more of their brilliance live and am excited to see how they continue to enhance and expand the sound of their music.

-Caroline Szujewski, The Live Show Host, Animal Grooves

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