KXSC & USC Spectrum Present: Baby Fleas and The So So Glos


Two Spectrum Shows in a month!? The music gods must be smiling on us, because The So So Glos are coming all the way from Brooklyn to play at USC. Come on down to Tommy's Place for some sweet sweet lovin' from LA band Baby Fleas, followed by punk rock from talented Brooklyn brothers band The So So Glos,


Where: Tommy's Place

When: Thursday, November 14 at 8:30pm

 ++Baby Fleas++

According to their Facebook page, Baby Fleas want to make love to our ear pussies. That they surelydo. Let them make you throw your head back and move spastically at Tommy's place Thursday, November 14 at 9pm.

Facebook // Bandcamp

++The So So Glos++

"...less fussy and indignant than their friends Titus Andronicus (they even do a spot-on TA imitation with "All of the Time"). Parquet Courts feel like spiritual cousins, though SSGs are considerably less stoned and way more caffeinated. Almost every song has some sort of Japandroids-styled oh-oh-oh! chant-along, often more pop-conscious but equally as satisfying." - Pitchfork 

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