KXSC & USC Spectrum Present: BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl)

In case you were wondering, it's pronounced bee-yov. We’re switching it up and switching the set up. Instead of having a live band, we’re bringing in some very special DJs to spin your vinyl. That’s right, you get to curate your own soundtrack for the evening. Come down to Tommy’s Place with your most prized records and watch the DJs work their magic to create an eclectic collection of sounds that will leave you wildly enchanted.


Where: Tommy's Place

When: Friday, November 8 at 8pm


KXSC is USC's official independent student-run radio station, providing the USC community with original radio programming 24 hours a day. Learn more about what we do & how to get involved at http://kxsc.org/

USC Spectrum presents an annual season of the finest in arts and lecture programs by nationally and internationally known attractions for the education and entertainment of the USC community, its neighbors in Los Angeles and abroad. Learn more at http://sait.usc.edu/spectrum/



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