DJ of The New Moon

 Salo Mizrachi

Show: It's A Small World

When: Sunday Dinner Time (6pm) 


Each week during the interminable KXSC staff meeting, a faint echo of optimism can be heard above the din of banal discourse and politicking. It’s the sound of peace, acceptance, and understanding, a pure celebration of humanity’s similarities and differences alike. It’s A Small World, helmed by veteran DJ Salo Mizrachi, is a weekly depository of deep cuts from around the world. Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard Egyptian singer Dalida, Israeli reggae group Hatikva 6, and South Africa’s Mahotella Queens. On top of the globe-spanning playlists, Salo invites a variety of guests on to his program to discuss their lives and play some of their favorite tracks. Last week, a student from Singapore offered insight into life at home vs. life at USC before proceeding to decry the current state of Singaporean music. This blend of civic and international interest is utterly unique to It’s A Small World, making it a sterling example of the kind of programming we try to cultivate here at KXSC. Kudos to Salo – aficionado of Eritrean singers, advocate of peace, maintainer of staff meeting sanity. We hope you’ll luxuriate in the splendor of this award for the full length of the lunar cycle.


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