This Week In Hip Hop

 Y'all know the drill: here's this weeks new hip-hop


Talib Kweli - Prisoner Of Conscious 

I'm a big Talib Kweli fan, but his work as of late hasn't really impressed me...until this record. It doesn't quite sound like his earlier stuff, but it's just as good. Also, btw, Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Push Thru" is straightbrutal. Please check this one out.



Shaheed & DJ Supreme - Knowledge, Rhythm, & Understanding 

Not even gonna lie, I was expecting this to be straight garbage when I saw it, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you're a fan Kanye West pre-808's & Heartbreak, you'll love this record.




Deltron 3030 - Event 2 

I know a lot of you guys have been waiting a long-ass time for this album to drop. You won't be disappointed. Has a little bit more of an electric-y feel to it, but it's still dope as hell.


 + "Bigg Dogg"  Max Darty +

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