This Week on KXSC: Erica Flores

Erica Flores is thrilled to return to her alma mater with Maura at KXSC! This guest DJ spot marks her first college radio appearance in a decade (shout out to KVRX!). Erica spends most of her time co-managing Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering girls through music education. She also serves on the board for the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (new website coming!), which oversees over 40 girls rock camps globally. When she's not teaching power chords or music history, or plotting world domination by grrrl rockers, Erica plays in the on again/off again dance-y post-punk band Lost Beats. You can send her terrible jokes on Twitter.

Erica will be on Tuesdays with Maura on Tuesday @ 8pm - 9pm

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