This Week on KXSC: Daiana Feuer + Alexandra Lippman


Daiana Feuer has quite the resume of projects: the New LA Folk Festival (This is its third year coming up August 4th!), LA Record, and FEVER. Check out this cool Echo Park Patch interview with her here

@karaokefever & @LAFolkFest

Daiana Feuer will be on Tuesdays with Maura @ 8pm-9pm




Alexandra Lippman aka Narcoiris is an LA-based anthropologist studying urban soundscapes in Rio de Janeiro. Some of her writings, fieldrecordings, and videos can be found on Pirate AnthropologiesSound Ethnography, and Dutty Artz. She'll be sharing some vinyl treasures picked up in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia and is available to DJ your next pool party engagement. 


Alexandra Lippman will be on Tuesdays with Maura @ 9pm-10pm

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