This Week on KXSC: Pay Ray

High Fidelity in Los Feliz

Pay Ray operates independent record shop, High Fidelity, in Los Feliz along with friends
Stanley Swinger, John Hathwell and Michael Hobson and is also part of the Los Angeles
silkscreen artist collective Hit+Run. He believes the live performance can make or
break a band and attends as many live shows as possible. Ray is also a passionate record
collector and is near obsessive in his search for new things to listen to and share.

Current music mood: The Los Angeles music scene

Current favorite live Los Angeles bands/acts: The Entrance Band, Hanni El Khatib, El
Haru Kuroi, Ras G, The Gaslamp Killer, The Allah Las

Hit+Run: blog // Facebook
High Fidelity: Facebook 
Pay Ray: Twitter 

Pay Ray will be on Tuesdays with Maura tonight at 8pm-9pm

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