This Week on KXSC: Daniel Harju

A half Bulgarian Swede with a Finnish surname, Daniel left his homeland of milk and honey for LA about a decade ago. Since he arrived in LA, Daniel has been a gender-bender bassist in a bubblegum glam band (too much fun), studied print journalism (ha!) and then found his professional calling in public relations (read: subversive propagandist). After all of this, he wonders if he might actually have been born to be a baker. Since he graduated from USC Annenberg in 2011, Daniel has worked for an arts PR firm involved in the gargantuan Pacific Standard Time initiative. As he now prepares to leave his beloved LA, his playlist reflects a decade of musical explorations and fond memories. Daniel used to blog about music for Halcyon Magazine. He shares some of his favorite tunes on his Soundcloud page and tweets when the mood strikes him.

To catch Daniel's guest appearance, tune into Tuesdays with Maura on Tuesday 8pm - 9pm.

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