KXSC's Purveyor of Fine Metals Presents... The Metal Symposium

by Daemon Designer, Christina EllisHave you been pondering how to celebrate the end of the world the right way?

Well, the one and only Purveyor of Fine Metals (also known as Jason) is bringing you a workshop that will take care of all your pre-apocalyptic plans:

The Metal Symposium.

His Syllabus of Sin includes the history of the heavy metal genre, a explanation of how to get into metal, an exercise in both headbanging and growling, and an instruction on naming your metal band.


You couldn't possibly have a better way to spend your Friday than exploring your alter ego as a metalhead.

The end of the world calls for the beginning of an epic new you.

When: Friday April 27th
Where: TCC 450 - The Forum (above Lemonde) 

RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Listen to Jason's show Multiple Personality Disorder on Thursdays, 1pm - 3pm.

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