Food and Music Pairing - Battles (Remixed)

Battles - Dross Glop

is best enjoyed with...

Fried ice cream atop a waffle

So you've listened to Battles' Gloss Drop more times than you count. You know not only the names, but the correct pronunciations of every member of the band, as well as the guest artists. You sing along to every song, even when those songs don't have words. You've even come up with a Klosterman-esque theory about how the album unintentionally predicted the rise and fall of Herman Cain.

Something tells me you're still not ready for the album to be remixed by some incredible hip-hop and electronic artists. Artists like Shabazz Palaces, The Alchemist, and Hudson Mohawke all take a crack at this great album, and the results are astounding.

To accompany this reimagined album, why not try a classic food with a new twist? Take good ol' fashioned ice cream (I wonder where the inspiration was for that food choice?). Roll it in coconut flakes and batter, fry it up, and replace that waffle cone with an honest-to-goodness waffle. It's got all the flavor you know and love, but served up in a new way to let you rediscover something you've adored for years.

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