Food and Music Pairing - The Safety Fire

The Safety Fire - Grind The Ocean

is best enjoyed with...

Tri-bean chili in a rustic, English bread bowl

London-based prog metallers The Safety Fire come racing out of the gates with their debut album, and a hearty bowl of chili is the only thing to match it. Grind The Ocean has chunky, mathy riffs that seem to evolve every time you hear them. Morsels of ground beef and tri-bean blend offer a similar experience to your palate. Lyrics on the album are halted, brutal poetry, and the vocal deliverance is visceral. Your chili's hot and spicy one-two punch meets that gutpunching power. Finally, just when you think you've drowned, lost in the dark, djenty murk forever, you hear the clean vocals, harmonies, carefully paced segments reminiscent of more traditional British indie rock. Similarly, your bread bowl will catch you, pick you up, and give you the tool to tame the delicious sludge. Once more into the fray--for the reward is well worth the effort.

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