Food and Music Pairing - Lee Fields & The Expressions

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Faithful Man

is best enjoyed with...

Prime rib and streetcar fries

Lee Fields' music is as much an amalgamation of soul, funk, and blues as it is the contrast between having it all and struggling to get by. The sumptuous trappings in the cover art suggest wealth, but it's pretty obvious that the woes he's singing about aren't from the good times. Therefore, this week's food and music pairing looks to match the rich, hearty tones of a well-traveled big band with a full-flavored slice of prime rib. Let the robust flavor of the meat remind you of the depths of soul Lee Fields evokes. Stay connected to your humbler side with some fries off the most questionable food truck you can find. Sure, you've got it all with your mouthful of ritzy steak, but can you keep your head up high when the guiles of a no-good woman send you back to your mealy fried potatoes? Or can you be like Lee Fields, and use both sides of that coin to come up with something greater than the sum of its parts? Better chow down to find out.

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