T.G.I.F: Special KXSC Fest Edition

Ahhh, Friday. Time to get funky. Here's a quick playlist to prepare you for the FESTivities tomorrow. Go ahead and get familiar with these tracks before hearing them LIVE!

T is for...

"The Love Between" by White Fence

"To Resurrect" by Fiore

G is for...

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Starfucker

"Green Machine" by TRMRS

I is for...

"IOIO" by Nosaj Thing

"Isabella of Castile" by Starfucker

F is for...

"Flesh Dance" by Gothic Tropic


"Fog" by Nosaj Thing

Thank God It's Friday, because TOMORROW is KXSC Fest! IT'S FREE! IT'S OPEN TO ALL AGES! IT'S GONNA BE EPIC! See y'all in Founder's Park tomorrow at 5 PM!! 

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