KXSC Fest 2012: Starfucker

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KXSC welcome Starfucker to the Fest 2012 lineup!

3. Identify and explicate the etymology of the term starfucker.

When Molly was given this question on her Intro to Astrology midterm, she did not have a single clue as to what the answer could possibly be. Rather than cramming the night before, she decided to drink seventeen cans of Rockstar energy drinks and watch Twin Peaks. Fed up with staring blankly at her paper, she began to write. These were her answers.

The term starfucker could allude to a reference of Cleopatra. While there is no current evidence of this that could place the claim in proper historical context, most men were really attracted to Cleopatra. I think. I'm not too sure. The hair was just...you know, she needed to do something about the hair.

Assuming I am wrong about the reference to Cleopatra, it could also mean that there was a collision in space. I think there is a technical lingo or slang for this? I'm also not too sure about this one. It may just be called a collision, but I didn't want to sound uneducated on this topic (though, admittedly, I am so sorry about that).

I think I have also heard starfucker used in a sentence on Jeopardy. Or in a Scrabble game with my step-mother. I can't remember the exact instance. Jeopardy and Scrabble with my step-mother are pretty similar. Except for the presence of Alex Trebek. Which by the by, did you know his real name is George? I didn't know this. I feel lied to like that time Nick Jr. told me Steve went to college. Steve did not go to college. Jerks.

Now that I'm really racking my brain for some answers, I don't recall starfucker ever being mentioned in a lecture. Professor Davis, I do believe this is all a trap and I have thus rambled on for nothing. I can't believe my time was wasted.

Surprisingly, Molly received a C+ on this exam.

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