KXSC Fest 2012: Gothic Tropic

Alex Dealy

KXSC welcomes Gothic Tropic to the Fest 2012 lineup!

Prague. Beaches. Butterflies. Sombreros. The little umbrellas that some restaurants put in Shirley Temples. Treehouses. That feeling when you are a better cook than your mom. Hula skirts (not necessarily wearing them but just the idea of a hula skirt). Cool Valentine's day cards. Ring pops. Melted Jolly Ranchers. Malibu. Cat-eye sunglasses. Aquariums filled with clown fish. The Macarena. Water slides that are not located at Hurricane Harbor. Minnie Mouse on vacation. Wooden roller coasters. Fruity frappuccinos. The Baldwin brothers at Coachella. Tabby cats. Black cats. Extremely fluffy cats. '80s dance flicks. Playgrounds. That moment between the moment you trip and the moment you hit the ground. Hypnosis employed to rid a fear of spiders. The spectrum of colors between pink and orange. Marge Simpson's hair on Meryl Streep.

That being said, you should all go listen to Gothic Tropic right now.

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