Food and Music Pairing - Nosaj Thing


Nosaj Thing - Drift

is best enjoyed with...


Nosaj Thing's music is as much about the negative space as it is about the sounds within it. Instead of a continuous stream of information being thrown your way, sparse instrumentation and moments of intense heaviness are the focus. So with eating sushi. You don't shovel it in bite after bite--you take the time to enjoy each morsel, you savor the force behind little bits of wasabi, and you pause and reflect on a food as much about presentation as it is about its few ingredients. (Unless, of course, it's happy hour, but that's a whole 'notha world of food consumption.)

Consider getting sushi to accompany one of our headliners this Saturday at KXSC Fest, or enjoy the selection of incredible food trucks that will also be present. Just make sure you're there. Do you want to be the only one of your friends who misses this amazing, totally free festival? Nigiri, please.

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