KXSC Fest 2012: Fiore

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KXSC welcomes Fiore to the Fest 2012 lineup!

One day, you wake up and decide you have to go to the Sequoia National Park. No other forest will do. It must be this one. When you arrive, you walk around in wonder at the beauty that nature has to offer when suddenly, you step on a beehive (I mean, really, you couldn't have avoided that?). After you are stung several times, you break free from the massive swarm that was attacking you and run out of the woods...straight into an ice castle. Which is AWESOME. It's very peaceful and settling and then you decide that the perfect activity in an ice castle of this grandeur is to use your body as a sled and slide right into the bright pile of cherry blossoms aligning the base of the castle. You do so but soon discover that your eyes deceived you. It was not a pile of cherry blossoms but instead a world of neon-colored cotton candy. Oh, and Avey Tare is sitting on a throne of lollipops (he's just stopping by; Ian Brown will be here in a few, OK?). So Avey Tare tells you to follow him and you can't really question the guy, particularly because he is sitting on a throne. You two then fly into a saloon in a ghost town that has actual ghosts. One of the ghosts asks if you could play a benefit concert for them. The concert is meant to raise awareness about the insane inflation issue that has been happening in their county. You, the eager musician trying to make it big in this independent industry, decide that this is an excellent move. The ghost town's concert committee sets up a stage for you in this saloon and you play a sold out show that features your set of calm, dreamy guitar tones and soft vocals that match the sound like a Chevre-and-Chardonnay pairing. Oh, and you whip out a sitar. That's pretty cool. Out of nowhere, your ghost fans shriek and scream and run (or...fly?) around in a panic and disappear. The only member of your audience is a tiny mouse that squeaks and claps for you. Even a whistle. You get down from the stage and eat cheese together.

Then you wake up from this random dream and realize you just experienced the Fiore's music.

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