Robot's Roundup

What you should be listening to:

Mikal Cronin Tide 7"

Everybody loves wicked garage fuzz surf rock (this is not a real genre; these are just words that scream MIKAL CRONIN)! Listen to it when you're feeling super Californian.


What you should be watching:

If you have been missing Tobias Fünke, here are two minutes and eleven seconds of his glory.


Where you should be:

via tourificescapes

Please avoid the overpopulated "Oh today is such a beautiful day! Let's go somewhere!" places like Runyon Canyon, the Griffith Park Observatory, most beaches in Santa Monica, and the Grove this lovely President's Day weekend. We want to keep you alive and well so you can enjoy KXSC Fest this Friday.


What you should know:

This is a thing that exists in the world.


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