Top 5 Bands/Artists for Your Dream Festival

In spirit of all the KXSC FESTivities (Get it? GET IT???), the staff has put together the list of the bands and artists they would love at their dream festival. Besides the KXSC Fest 2012 lineup which is already fantastic in every way. RSVP to Fest here!

A note to our readers: The Wizard of Words bestowed the power of musical revival onto the staff members. The following lists contain bands/artists who may be deceased, disbanded, or fictional supergroups.

image via Wives, Girlfriends, Groupies, & Muses / clever use of "Modern Love" lyrics combined with KXSC promotion provided by Jace

Angela Asistio
1. David Bowie
2. St. Vincent
3. Björk
4. The Modern Lovers/Jonathan Richman
5. LCD Soundsystem

Derek Yates
1. Nas
2. Biggie
3. Big L
4. Jay-Z
5. Snoop & Dre 

Kyle Mansfield
1. The Beets
2. Christos
3. Demi Lovato
4. Evanescence
5. The Flaming Lips

Christina Ellis
1. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
2. M83
3. Magnetic Fields
4. The Antlers
5. Youth Lagoon

Tara Ahmadi
1. David Bowie
2. Joy Division
3. Kings of Convenience/Whitest Boy Alive
4. The Knife
5. Refused/The (International) Noise Conspiracy

Helen Levenson
1. Spoon, Andre 3000, Dr. Dog, The Roots, Otis Redding, & Danger Mouse
2. Girl Talk, Missy Elliott, Fatboy Slim
3. Seu Jorge, Erlend Øye, David Bowie (circa 1972), & Arcade Fire
4. Jay-Z, Kanye, Ludacris, & Beyonce
5. Beck, Jack White, Grizzly Bear, Man Man, & The Black Keys 

Robert Fogg
1.-5. A solo set from each member of the Jackson 5 (in any order)

Jason Adams
1. Bon Iver and Yo-Yo Ma collaborating
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Black Sabbath (original lineup)
4. Jimi Hendrix collaborating with the Beatles and Animal Collective does the sound & effects processing for both
5. KISS 

Mikayla Cowley
1. Joy Division
2. The Cramps (this experience includes crowd surfing with Lux Interior; may he rest in peace)
3. young Hasil Adkins
4. The Beach Boys a la 1961, pendletons and all. 
5. The Residents in full eyeball/tux regalia collaborating with Merrill Garbus

Jace Brittain
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Bruce Springsteen (1973 Incarnation)
3. A really really grouchy Charles Mingus
4. Marilyn Monroe to sing me "Happy Birthday"
5. The Avalanches 

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