New This Week: Tricks, Treats, & Adds

Bat for Lashes - The Haunted Man

As the title suggests, this one's rather dark.. but in the most delicately captivating way; hauntingly beautiful like a tragic love affair. Natasha Khan's voice casts an overpowering, mysterious shadow over the whole album while deep beats drudge along and force you into a body-moving trance. -JLF

Recommended Tracks: "Laura", "Lillies", "The Haunted Man"


 Naytronix - Dirty Glow

An intriguing take on electrified pop with a vintage tinge. That isn't to say it's retro, as it truly stands alone among its Plug Research contemporaries with its own solid brand of futuristic funk. Come, ride the glimmering waves of acid-washed synths and jazzy melodies, you'll be glad you did. -JLF

Recommended Tracks: "Robotic", "Hangin' Out", "Lead The Way"


A Shoreline Dream - 333

Yeah, the album art is dealing with some serious early-2000s emo font stylization issues, but there's only a drizzling of angst to be found on these reverb-laden jams from the Denver four-piece.  Shoegaze heads or fans of Yo La Tengo's more placid work would be advised to check out some of these hazy cuts that were presumably composed in Atlantis's local Guitar Center. -ZN

Recommended Tracks: "103", "Oneside", "Always There"


Sic Alps - Sic Alps

Chicago-based label Drag City is always the best in the game when it comes to releasing ramshackle garage rock that sounds like it was filtered through a tin can telephone, and this release from SanFran-based Sic Alps remains true to the Drag City spirit.  This band is a lot of fun to listen to - lots of trebly, off-kilter guitar riffs and a string section that adds a certain breeziness to all that scuzz. -ZN

Recommended Tracks: "Moviehead", "Glyphs", "God Bless Her, I Miss Her"

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