Food & Music Pairing - Indesinence

Indesinence - Vessels of Light and Decay

is best enjoyed with...

Haggis, neets & tatties, and a grilled tomato

Before you ask, no, Indesinence is not Scottish (just English). But the traditional highland pudding suits the death/doom to a gloomy T.  You see, many doom metal bands suffer from either way too little or far too much texture: you either have walls of sound that aren't droney enough to please fans of SunO))), or bands that throw layer after layer of sheen until it loses the whole dirgey point of the genre. Indesinence captures the perfect morbid medium, with enough instrumentation to expand upon musical ideas without drawing the focus away from the massive riffs. The rhythm section and death-be-damned vocals keep the engine surging forward, replacing the tradition of moping in sorrow with raging against it. As a result, Indesinence's second full-length in their 11 year history (!!!) stands as the most impressive doom release amidst a murder of fantastic contributions in the past year. Haggis is a great complement: formed of the most grisly parts of a pig, mixed with onions and spice to bring out the flavor. Neets (mashed turnips) and tatties (potatoes) offer diversity to the meal, and the fiery taste of grilled tomato adds just enough ferocity to bring it all home. Besides, the red/black color combo is just too good of an opportunity to miss for a truly metal meal.

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