KXSC on dublab's Proton Drive Fundraiser

dublab is having their bi-annual Proton Drive Fundraiser and KXSC will be doing some DJing in support on Monday, November 19th from 6-8PM.

You'll get to hear six DJs, including Alex (Heavyweight Soul), Eric (60+/-), Phil (Monstrous Wickedness), Angela (Stereotype), Zach (Negative Fun), and Jen (Naive Melody).

We love dublab (founder Frosty is a KSCR alum!) and we're excited to help them raise money for their operating budget. Help us help dublab continue doing their sweet future-roots thang - broadcasting online radio to the hungry masses - by tuning in & donating on Monday @ 6PM on their site (you can also listen via iTunes but then you wouldn't see US!).

And in case you need any more incentive, there are also some pretty sweet gifts for donaters (but any donation gets a huge wave of love) including some amazing mixes from the dublab familiy.

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