New This Week: Nouvelle Musique

If you don't believe us, ask Buzz. He is still super embarrassed about it.

Tame Impala - Lonerism

Those wily Australian psych-rockers definitely upped their dosage for this one. Guitars so fuzzy they tickle the ears and spacey, frenetic synths that'll melt you down into a puddle of tie-dye. Next-level production with late-60's fidelity.  Just sit back, relax, and slip Lonerism right under yr tongue. You'll be doing laps in the sunshine before you even know what hit ya… OK, that's just the acid. 

Recommended Tracks: "Be Above It," "Elephant", "Music To Walk Home By"


Ty Segall - Twins

Another dose of shit-kicking garage fuzz from a true artisan in that particular field.  Does include: a surprising amount of Beatlesy psychedelia.  Does not include: a cover of this timeless beer anthem.

Recommended Tracks: "The Hill", "Handglams", "Would You Be My Love"


Black Marble - A Different Arrangement

Super lo-fi, reverb-ey, dark, somehow sweet.  If you look at a photo of black marble (the stone), that’s what this album sounds like: dark overtones with delicate, thin, white lace-y line pulses in vast deep dark black – but it’s a lot more interesting to listen to.

Recommended Tracks: "Pretender", "Cruel Summer," "A Different Arrangement"


The Mountain Goats - Transcendental Youth

John Darnielle is still one of the best lyricists in the indie rock bizness.  On this 14th time around the block, the Goats employ a horn section for the very first time to majestic effect.  There's also something bizarrely majestic about the way Darnielle captures those desperate periods of utter hopelessness, as on "Cry for Judas": "Some things you do just to see how bad they'll make you feel." 

Recommended Tracks: "Harlem Roulette", "Cry for Judas", "Transcendental Youth"


Metz - Metz

Canadian noise punk that bruises easily. Metz' debut full-length is impulsive and hostile; the kind of album you don't take home to mama (MoM, on the otherhand, would LOVE to meet..). Muddy chugs & distorted riffs; cavernous, jarring, chaotic sludge rock.  \m/, eh? 

Recommended Tracks: "Headache", "Wet Blanket"


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