The Live Show Returns for Spring Programming

Friday afternoons on campus are always filled with things to do, but the best of them is The Live Show on KXSC.

The Live Show is a live radio broadcast that brings in your favorite local artists from Los Angeles and beyond. Every Friday from 1-2pm, artists play a live set at Tommy's Place followed by an interview in the studio. Everyone is welcome to join us for the live set at Tommy's Place or you can always tune in online or on the dial at 1560am. 

The new semester series starts on Friday, January 13th with Hanni-El KhatibThere will be a ton of free food and refreshments from our sponsors: 21 Choices, Spitz, and Seattle's Best Coffee.

Check out the calendar on The Live Show page for upcoming shows.
Like the Facebook for updates on So Many Wizards, Superhumanoids, and other bands coming to KXSC!

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