IndieCade Giveaway for KXSC Fans!

IndieCade is approaching quickly! And for all of you gamers/interested in games/like to attend fun festivals, KXSC has a great deal for you.

First, we have 5 PAIRS to give away (Sorry guys! We gave them all away! The special discount code, however, still applies!)  Each winner of a pass will have a +1. Check out our Giveaway page to see which show you should tune into for a chance to win.

Second, we have a special promotional code that entitles you to 10% OFF IndieCade tickets. Just go to and enter PROMO1 in the promo code box at check out.

This year's IndieCade will be held in Downtown Culver City. The festival runs from Saturday, October 8th to Sunday, October 9th. 

Tune in to win & happy listening!



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