This Week on KXSC: Josh Legg and Elizabeth Ubides


Binary Records co-founder Josh Legg will be joining KXSC on Monday for a preview of his new side project, Goldroom. The electro-centric sound he has going is fantastic and smooth combined with a catchy relaxed beat. He's also apart of the band NightWaves (their video and song "Sweet Carrie" can be found here). Follow Josh on Twitter!

Josh will be featured on The View From Nowhere, 10pm-12pm



Music lover Elizabeth Ubides will be doing a guest DJ set on air this week. Immigrant born and an L.A. native, Elizabeth's musical influences vary from jazz to early soul tunes. Be sure to follow her on both Tumblr and Twitter; she truly is a great writer!

Elizabeth will be on Tuesdays with Maura, 8pm-9pm

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