This Week on KXSC: Kozy and Ravage Beats MMXII


via kozyndan

Kozy is an L.A.-based freelance artist of Kozyndan. The duo's work was recently featured in an exhibition called "Washed Away" at the Outré Gallery in Melbourne. Her dublab sessions are wonderful as well: Not So Safe for Work Mix, Hazy Memory Mix, and Diving Music to Nap to. Kozy also has a Twitter and a Tumblr (she has a great eye for art; follow both!).

Kozy will be on Tuesdays with Maura, 8pm-9pm


Ravage Beats MMXII (a.k.a. Ravage) is an L.A. musician in the local beat scene. He and his wife, Dara, run The Beat Cypher Collective, a producers showcase the first Thursday of every month where producers play their beats amongst their peers. Ravage's music can be purchased on Bandcamp. Also, check out some of his work on Soundcloud (I highly recommend Herb Your Enthusiasm). Follow him on Twitter here.

Ravage will be on Tuesdays with Maura, 10pm-11pm

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