This Week on KXSC: Frohawk Two-Feathers & Superdeluxe and DJ Nico

via Facebook

Frohawk Two-Feathers and Micah James of Superdeluxe are on KXSC this week! Frohawk and James are prime examples of what the poetics of hip-hop should sound like. The artists can be found performing their narrative numbers all over L.A. and have graced legendary venues such as The Echo.

Their lyrical PSA about nutrition is wonderful. You can check it out here.

via thebelljarbirdPlus a DJ set with DJ Nico! Check out her photography here and her blog here.



Frohawk Two-Feathers & Superdeluxe and DJ Nico will be featured on Tuesdays with Maura and Asa Nisi Masa, July 5th 8pm-10pm.



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