This Week on KXSC: Plastic Nancy, Shaun Koplow, and The View from Nowhere 3rd Anniversary Show



DJ Ahmar's show The View from Nowhere will be have a 3rd Anniversary Show! He has a great set lined up, full of music from several genres: house, electro, futuristic, rock, dance, funk, and nu-rave. Ahmar is an extremely talented DJ who will be ruling the radio for this four hour aural special.o

Check out DJ Ahmar's show The View from Nowhere! 8pm-12am



A favorite LA DJ, Plastic Nancy (Susie Villavicencio), will be on KXSC! Plastic Nancy knows how to draw in a listener during a set by featuring a balance of soft pop and smooth indie rock. She is also a pro social networker. Take a look at her Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, blog, and one of her sets on Dublab.

Listen to Plastic Nancy on Tuesdays with Maura, 8pm-9pm



Everyone who has taken an interest in the beat scene has heard of KXSC's next guest, Shaun Koplow. Running Anticon Records and DJing as Sodapop on the regular, Shaun has played a major role in the expansion and popularization of the electronic and hip hop genres by hosting weekly events such as Calling All Kids. Listen to a few of Shaun's sets on Dublab: Sodapop Sounds, Dublab Decade Proton Drive Mix, and a live mix from a Calling All Kids show.

Shaun will be on ASA NISI MASA, 9pm-10pm

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