"South Park" Creators Interviewed by DJ Alex

On March 21st, DJ Alex, from KXSC's The Big Dig, interviewed South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.


The two Colorado natives have made a new Broadway show called The Book of Mormon, a religious satire musical of two Mormon missionaries who are sent to spread the word in a dangerous part of Uganda.

Stone and Parker say their inspiration for the project came to them after attending a performance of the popular puppeted musical, Avenue Q. But Alex knew that the production's material must come from other life experiences of Stone and Parker, just as much of South Park's material is based off the two's past. She asked them if there were any memorable moments with Mormons that served as inspiration.

To hear about what happens to a homeless guy in Temple Square, how to spend time post-film school time at Sundance Film Festival, and an incredible interview, check out the link below!

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