LA bands at KXSC's SXSW Beerdfest 3/19/11 Pt. 1 - The Chapin Sisters


KXSC is excited to host LA duo The Chapin Sisters at its Beerdfest event with UT Austin station KVRX Saturday 3/19 for SXSW.

Abigail and Lily Chapin are known for pristine harmonies and haunting melodies. Though they have gained comparisons to sister acts of old, they have also deviated from that comparison “more like a distaff Lennon/McCartney than a traditional sibling act...” (Steve Horowitz, Popmatters). Their songs defy genre, melding elements of pop, blues and psychedelic rock with hints of apalacian banjo riffs, echoing percussion and modal harmonies.

“The one virtue the Chapin Sisters shares with classic sister
acts of old becomes apparent when they sing together: that shiver of
spotless, familial unity that makes every syllable woundingly

- FLAVORPILL San Francisco

- The Chapin Sisters at the Autry Museum Los Angeles

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