Robot's Roundup

What you should be listening to: 

Quilt Quilt

You must check out "Penobska Oakwalk".

And "Cowboys in the Void" because while listening to it, you will actually think of cowboys in the void.


What you should watch:

DIRTY BEACHES /// LONE RUNNER from Kevin Luna on Vimeo.

"Lone Runner" by Dirty Beaches; video directed by Kevin Luna.

It's like Joy Division and The Velvet Underground decided to possess Elvis Presley and tour the coasts of the world, using a red Yugo, with a fuzzy stereo and no air conditioning, as the primary mode of transportation.


Where you should be:

KXSC has a residency at Space 1520 this month, every Saturday. It's free, all ages, and conveniently located next to an Umami Burger. What a perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon!


What you should know:

Well. Mastodon met Barney. So that happened.

via Pitchfork

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