KXSC, KXLU, KVRX + KTRU CMJ 2011 Showcase

KXSC, KXLU, KVRX, and KTRU are putting on a great official CMJ College Radio showcase in New York next week. It's free and all ages. Come on by and check out the lineup:

FIDLAR (LA): Facebook, Bandcamp
Unstoppable Death Machines (NY): Facebook
Slutever (PHL): Facebook, Bandcamp
Wild Moccasins (TX): Facebook, Twitter
Extra Life (NY): Facebook
Gangi (LA): Facebook, Twitter
Fresh Millions (TX): Facebook
Buxton (TX): Facebook, Twitter
The Sour Notes (TX): Facebook, Twitter

"Attend" the Facebook event.

UPDATE: Set times!
7:40 Buxton
8:20 Wild Moccasins
9:00 Gangi
9:40 The Sour Notes
10:20 Fresh Millions
11:00 Unstoppable Death Machines
11:40 Slutever
12:00 Fidlar
12:40 Extra Life

KXLU (LMU): Facebook
KVTX (UT Austin): Facebook
KTRU (Rice): Facebook


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