5 Reasons To Go To FYF Fest

So tell me again why you're not going to FYF Fest this weekend, because I don't understand. There's really no excuse not to go. Currently in its 7th year running, FYF Fest seeks "to be a mix tape of bands that would never play with one another but go so well together"- and they definitely pull that off. With The Rapture, Panda Bear, and the recently added Local Natives headlining all for the humble price of $30, how could anyone pass up this chance for the last music festival of the summer season? As the cool breeze of autumn approaches, let's all congregate under the sun and enjoy some local music. I'm especially excited to see bands that have played at KXSC shows before like Abe Vigoda, and 2010 KXSC(R) Fest headliners Thee Oh Sees and The Growlers. If you're still not convinced, I've compiled this comprehensive list of why you should go:

1. Panda Bear: It's Panda Bear...and he will be on stage...with his instruments...playing music

2. Local Natives: basically, see above reason

3. Labor Day Weekend: the only other thing going on is crazy shopaholic super-sales. Would you really rather spend your weekend fighting other people for half-priced t-shirts?

4. Size: it does matter. With over 30 artists and 3 stages, FYF has a pretty big bill but still manages to maintain an intimate enough setting that larger music festivals lack

and finally, reason number 5: KXSC will be there.

Peep the FYF Fest Facebook page for the latest deets on fest as well as info on the many pre+after show goings-ons (is that a word??) and don't forget to check back here for pictures and recaps of fest courtesy of your very own KXSC staffers!

*all images from FYF website

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